"Boardin' Time" Challenges Audience to Forge Paths to End Divisions

Originally published in Pasadena Voice, by Judy Tacyn, on January 24, 2017

There comes a time in everyone’s lives when they find themselves at a crossroads. One fork in the road is the complacency route; the other route — likely the more challenging route — is the journey to change one’s situation or circumstance. In Angela Wilson’s family, this moment is known as “boardin’ time.” It’s time to let the train leave the station without you, or it’s time to move, to climb aboard to change.

Wilson is the author of “Boardin’ Time,” which will be performed at the Chesapeake Arts Center on Saturday, February 4. She wrote the story in just two days in 2013. Set in the 1850s, when racial struggles divided America, Wilson’s story is one of love, faith, hope and courage.

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